Thursday, April 15, 2010

Half a year gone...

Little Keira turned 6 months yesterday! It has gone by all too fast, but I'm happy that she's growing and learning new things! She had a Dr. appointment today. She weighed in at 14lbs 10oz and is 25.5 ins long! He said she was just above average for height and just below for weight, but still perfectly happy and healthy! I seriously thought she was going to be around 16lbs if not over today, but I guess that is why every new person we meet tells me she's petite! She's been eating fruits and veggies now on a regular basis for about a month, she does like certain foods, but'll eat pretty much whatever I have to give her - and she is demanding about getting her food lol. Her teeth still haven't poked through yet...I thought I would be here by now, but they're still just below the surface! Which means more cranky days (today she's upset because of her shots) but I guess she's not too overall...

She's almost sitting up by herself now, if I put her there...The Dr. didn't seem too worried about that. She loves to walk around in her walker (very entertaining to watch) and yesterday she started doing yoga ;) there are pictures on my facebook of her getting into 'push up' position and sticking her tushy in the air. Some ladies say their babies crawled like that! But it wont be long before she's even more of a handful.

We've also hit our 6 months exclusively breastfeeding goal! I was pretty excited about htat considering how hard it was for thoese first few weeks! I mean of course my dream is to go a full year, but I set the smaller "at least 6 months" back when I was still pregnant. And we've been pretty much exclusively cloth diapering for a full month or more. I had started doing it half time (4-6 cloth diapers a day, the rest disposables) back in Dec, but wasn't sure I would like it. Now I only use disposables if we're out in public (because it's a lot more convenient) or if the diapers aren't done washing yet. I suprisingly really have liked it so far. It isn't as hard or as time consuming as I thought it would be. Not to mention they come in cute colors and patterns! Shes never had a rash since she's been in cloth either, which was happening every so often with disposables (esp the cheaper ones)

Anyways, sorry there was such a gap in updates. I totally forgot last month and by the time I remembered she was already almost 6 months...From now on I'll update this Blog instead of update emails. You can bookmark me, or there'll be a link on my Facebook. And I'll let you know when I post something interesting ;)

Oh and if you haven't seen already - I sent in Keira's picture to a local family magiazine since they have a "kid of the month", she's didn't get on the mag, but she is running on the "honorable mentions" on the web site until the 19th!

you can see here ----> Inland Empire Family

Hope you all have a great day!

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  1. Thanks for the update! I just love being able to watch her grow up!