Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Little Adventure!

This weekend we went out on our first family hike to Chino Hills State Park. It was great weather (around 75 and breezy) and  it was a chance to take my new SUV out for some "rough and tumble" driving...Okay, so it's a narrow, mostly smooth dirt road, but it was as "rough" as it's going it get ;)

So we slathered on the sunscreen (well, Keira and I did) and headed out!

We took the lower loop and enjoyed the easy trail. There were lots of thistles and these yellow flowers, a bunch of bees and butterflies, we even saw some polywogs getting enjoying the sun in a small pool of a stream.

I thought we might find some shade or a place to have a picnic, but most of the larger trees had seemed to been burned (I don't know if there was a fire there in the past few years) and the trail just seemed never ending. So we turned around and Laurence got to take the baby =)

Overall it was a great hike. We were all tired and hungry by the time we got back to the car.

In other news, Keira's 2 bottom front teeth are finally breaking through her gums. I saw a tiny hole in her gums last week, but after all this waiting since seeing her tooth buds first, I wasn't thinking much of it...Sure enough, in the past day or so, I've felt the sharp pointy tip of one of the teeth, and the other is started to break the gum too. It's been a couple rough nights of waking up ever 2 hours, so I hope there is some relief in the near future! She's still very close to crawling too! She'll get both of her knees under her and will rock, but isn't sure what to do next =P

Anyways, hope you are all having a great weekend!
P.S. Happy First Birthday Seth!!!

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